12- 48 Weeks

Course Start Dates:

You can start the General English course on any Monday

Course Description:

  • Elementary to Upper Intermediate
  • 20 hours in-class and homework review
  • 10 weeks per level
  • Daily coursebook-based core lessons
  • Access to a variety of teachers and teaching styles
  • Students progress through levels as their abilities improve
  • Students are provided with coursebooks in accordance with coursebook entitlements


  • Beginner English language level or above


Students completing an ELICOS program will receive a certificate, which states in detail their English language proficiency.

When students successfully complete their ELICOS study, and attain the levels required by Nova Institute RTO courses, they will be able to enroll in the vocational tertiary training courses offered at Nova Institute. Nova Institute has pathways available from NMIT and Chisholm TAFE.

If you have come to Australia to study for a reason other than further or higher education you will be placed in the General English Course.

This course is designed to develop your English communication skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening. The emphasis of the course is to learn while having fun and using English in a practical way.

The GE course runs at four levels, and each level is 10 weeks in length.
GE Elementary
GE Pre-Intermediate
GE Intermediate
GE Upper Intermediate
You may progress through the course as you successfully complete each level but be aware that very few students will complete all four levels within a 48 week period and it is likely that you will need to repeat one or more levels to gain a high degree of proficiency.

CRICOS Course Code: 064200G