All international students studying in Australia are required to have private health insurance covering their total study period. Our cover is with NIB, using the link below you will get all the information you need about your entitlements and even be able to calculate the total cost.

In Australia, your doctor is called a GP (General Practitioner) and he will be the first person you see if you are unwell. The GP will refer you to a specialist, radiologist or pathologist for further tests or consultations, or they may prescribe medication which you will purchase at a chemists’.

In case of a medical emergency you call 000 for an ambulance and will be taken to the nearest Hospital emergency unit.

You can choose any GP you wish, but you will be asked to pay prior to leaving the doctor’s rooms. To minimize costs you should visit NIB preferred provider at the website below.

The site provides more detailed information which you should read.


Nova English is committed to helping student achieve their academic goals and is aware that living in a new country can be stressful. For some students it will be the first time that they will have to be independent and find, accommodation, a job and successfully develop their English skills. They will lack support of family and friends and will feel isolated and homesick.

Nova English has a trained counsellor on staff; available at all times to discuss any personal problems experienced by students.

All staff can provide help and guidance in regards to academic achievement and the Director of Studies, ELICOS is available at all times.

Should your problem be of a confidential nature and you find it difficult to speak directly to the counsellor there is e-counselling available. This method allows for totally anonymous counselling sessions. Access is at

A range of academic support is available:

  • If a student is struggling academically, they are able to talk with the Director of Studies and an individual study plan can be organized
  • If a student feels the allocated level is not appropriate they are encouraged to talk to their class teacher and/or the Director of Studies
  • Teachers give students detailed feedback from formative 2 macro skills assessments and a weekly summative test.
  • Individual homework can be set to strengthen individual student weakness
  • Each student has an ongoing Academic Folio where their work is stored and marked
  • An interview is conducted with each student once a month when students complete reviews